Legal Aspects

LPS Limited strongly recommends that investors should seek professional advice on the suitability of the investment and the legal aspects of syndicated property investments, before making a decision to invest.

Whilst lease terms and tenant strength are carefully considered, tenants can default or fail to renew, which means that there will be a void in rental income, with associated costs and charges which may include dilapidation costs in the event of default.

LPS Ltd appoint solicitors who are experienced in commercial property matters and who will form the nominee company and deal with the Trust Deed and all associated legal matters, including all correspondence and contractual matters between the developer, the syndicate and syndicate members legal advisers.

Copies of all the legal documents are available for investors own professional advisers to inspect before making an investment.

Please contact us for copies of the legal documents, applicable to syndicates. The specimens we provide will be identical to the ones we use, apart from the address, price and obviously, names of the investors!!

We are happy to provide these documents to prospective investors and/or their advisers.