The origins of LPS

The initial syndicated property schemes, which were established almost as a ‘property club’, left the administration of the syndicates lying on the shoulders of the original ‘thought champions’ and their goodwill. As the number of potential opportunities and schemes grew, it became clear that a suitable model for a numerous schemes was required, so the task of setting up a more formalised, repeatable approach came and thus LPS Ltd was born.

The objective of LPS is to provide a simplified open and transparent syndicated ownership structure, that investor and developer alike can look to invest/fund commercial property ventures where there is an opportunity for mutual profit/gain through the pooling together of funds.

For the investor, we bring to you the property syndicate with detail and information on the type of scheme, financial analysis of the potential returns plus the full administration package of arranging the borrowing (if required) on the best terms available in the market, on-going communication between the investors and developers/advisers, financial reporting and syndicate decision making as well as administering the income distributions and eventual exit.

For the developer, it’s a much more simplified approach in that they can bring their schemes to LPS Ltd, who will undertake the financial analysis to determine the potential returns for investors, draw up a prospectus and then put it to the pool of potential investors to determine if there is the interest to fund the scheme.

Over time, we hope to gradually build the pool of potential investors within the county, so that you can pick and choose those you want to be involved with, or where the investment opportunity fits in with your particular needs at that moment in time.

We also expect to offer schemes focussed on capital growth only, income only, and those with a combination.

LPS Ltd only offers Syndicated Property investments and can confirm that its solutions are not collective investment schemes (regulated or unregulated) as defined by HMRC and the Financial Conduct Authority.

As such, you are not afforded any form of investor protection when investing in a property syndicate and you should seek professional advice on whether this is a suitable investment for you.

Syndicate members will be expected and required to take active involvement in syndicate decisions and meetings.